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Anna May Wong to Get $1 Coin

Anna May Wong to Get $1 Coin

Hollywood trailblazer Anna May Wong to be first Asian American featured on U.S. currency [PHOTO]

Hollywood legend Anna May Wong will get the star treatment in the United States, with the actress and activist getting her own $1 coin.

The actress and founder of the Asian Pacific American Heritage Foundation in Los Angeles became the first Asian American woman to be featured on the $1 coin when the $1 Gold Coin was introduced by the U.S. government on September 6. It features the statue of Wong’s image at the top and a list of her accomplishments inscribed on the side.

The $1 Gold Coin is part of a series of U.S. commemorative coins featuring American heroes, including President Barack Obama, former president George W. Bush, and U.S. currency.

“I’m really excited to be featured on U.S. currency. My work has been about educating young girls and boys to lead a full and happy life,” Wong told the Los Angeles Times.

Wong created her foundation in 1999 with the mission of educating, empowering and promoting Asian Pacific American and Asian American women. With the foundation in full swing since 2007, she’s been able to create more than 100 organizations to support women through leadership development and cultural awareness.

Wong has been able to speak publicly, participate in public forums, and have media coverage thanks to the foundation. She has also addressed the United Nations and other prominent platforms on the subject of racial equality and equality.

“It is time that we recognize our unique history and achievements,” said Wong. “My work has been about educating young girls and boys to lead a full and happy life. To see that there is a new generation coming that is more educated, that has money, and who have been given their voice, it’s really important that we make sure that everyone who is coming behind us feels supported.”

Wong will be formally recognized by the U.S. Mint with the unveiling of the $1 Gold Coin on September 6 at the National Archives and Records Administration headquarters in Washington, D.C.

The $1 Gold Coin features the Chinese American icon, Wu Xifeng, standing on a red flag alongside the words “One Woman,” and “I Am My

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