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David Duke: “We need to get rid of them from this country”

David Duke: "We need to get rid of them from this country"

Angelenos call for resignations and reforms at town hall on racist audio leak


When a video emerged showing the Ku Klux Klan’s founder, David Duke, saying his group “wants no foreign workers”, he called for the resignation of the Australian Prime Minister and the expulsion of “Jewish bankers” from Australia.

The exchange, recorded by a Jewish woman with a recorder during a 2015 event at a country mansion, was released to the media under a Freedom of Information request.

Now, in a town hall meeting in Melbourne on Wednesday night, Mr Duke was asked about the tape to see what he would say.

“Have you no shame? No courage?,” he asked.

“I find it deplorable and disgusting that anyone would even consider trying to push out an Australian or a foreign person by a fake smear campaign,” he added.

But he had nothing positive to say about Jewish people.

“Jews are responsible for the enslavement of people, through Hitler, down to a point that the Jews control the banks today,” he said. A number of comments were drowned out, but the footage was shown.

“One of the most significant moments of our society in my lifetime was the Black Lives Matter campaign and the way the Jewish bankers, that the Jewish bankers took over the movement, and they did everything they could to silence the Black Lives Matter movement.

“And the Jewish bankers were the culprits,” he added.

“We need to get rid of them from this country”.

Mr Duke, who represents the Duke family, has been named as a co-conspirator in the “false claims” of anti-Semitism at Mr Hitler’s trial in 1961.

Mr Hitler made false claims in his trial, saying he wanted to establish a “state of racial purity” by murdering all “Jewish blood” within five years of its formation.

The United States Jewish Congress, which provides crisis aid to victims in the wake of events like the mosque shooting in New Zealand, has condemned the comments and called on Jewish people to “draw a line” in the sand.

“To say that Australian Jewish people

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