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How to Win a Powerball Jackpot

How to Win a Powerball Jackpot

Name a stadium or buy L.A.’s priciest mansion: What winning Monday’s Powerball can get you

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If you can think of it — and it will be a tough task — then you’re not alone. You’ve probably already heard the rumblings: “Where would I go on a $1 million salary to win a Powerball jackpot?” That’s what you’ll hear when you hear the answer.

No, it isn’t going to be that easy.

Here are some of the criteria you’ll be asked to examine — and, in some cases, apply — as you seek to buy your ticket to the big game.

— No big spending by you. And no spending on someone else. You will have to pick up the tab.

— “No high-rollers” — meaning someone who pays cash — are eligible to take advantage of the big ticket by paying for $2 million or more. You will have to cut up a $1 million check or $500,000 lump sum to win the $1.5 million top prize.

— “A lot of money” — means a million dollars or more. As much as $3 million could be available.

— “Big ticket purchase” — means “I have a lot of money,” or the equivalent.

— “I’ll pay cash” or “I’ll have to pay cash” means you or someone else will have to pay cash for the Powerball. This often means buying or having a large sum of money on hand — $5 million is not uncommon.

— “Bank account” — means a bank account with at least $1 million.

— “High roll

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