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I Believe That Republicans Need to Work Hard

I Believe That Republicans Need to Work Hard

Granderson: ‘They go low, we go high’? Great plan. But have you seen how low Republicans will go?

We have to do better. Let’s take another look at the candidates and the districts I’m looking at for the House.

In my district in West Virginia, it’s obvious that we need to pass bills that provide tax relief.

I believe that the Democrats need to work harder.

In the Senate, I had proposed tax relief that would have provided additional funds for the National Flood Insurance Program, and I would work with the Republicans on bringing additional support for the program into a tax reform bill.

The president’s proposal has not provided that tax relief.

At the same time, I believe that Republicans have to work hard to get tax cuts for the middle class and to provide additional support for the flood insurance program.

And as always, we’ll keep working hard.

We hope to put together a great package that is fair to all Americans and will get at least 90 percent of what Congress wants to do.

The president is putting out a very good plan. We’re ready to work with him on it.

That’s especially true in my district because I’m from West Virginia, which has always been close to the coal country and has also been hit hard by the recession. This is a good opportunity for Congress to do something for West Virginia.

And we will work with the president to put a package together and pass it with a veto-proof majority.

And, of course, that’s the way we will get tax relief for the middle class.

I don’t want to be a member of Congress who sits there and complains about how much taxes they’re passing.

I want to be a member of Congress who makes hard decisions, not easy decisions, and passes great, responsible economic growth and tax relief.

The president is making the tough economic decisions he thinks are necessary to bring us back to America.

But he’s also making the right choices when it comes to balancing our budget and doing tax reform.

I believe that the president is the strongest negotiator in terms of cutting taxes and making sure that we can keep our promises to our American people.

I hope that I can work with

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