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Ice Cube, a white dude who got the vaccine, says he’s “not going to get a job”

Ice Cube, a white dude who got the vaccine, says he’s “not going to get a job”

Ice Cube says he lost a $9-million movie deal after refusing to get COVID-19 vaccine at a Washington, D.C., hospital that had previously treated the mayor. The film in question, The Hunt is Over, premiered in theaters last weekend.

A couple of weeks ago, Ice Cube and his production company came across an article about a woman who had to get a COVID-19 vaccine in the US after the virus had spread.

He was appalled at the idea and decided to contact the Washington, D.C., hospital where he had treated Barack and Michelle Obama, and get access to the experimental vaccine, which was developed by Johnson and Johnson.

“My wife is a nurse and I’m a producer so my son’s going to be a doctor and I’m very, very concerned about him,” Ice Cube told BET. “I thought he didn’t need it. We get into trouble when we get the flu shot. I thought he didn’t need it. He had no immunity. I needed to know who in the world would give him the vaccine and to get a look to see who was going to give the vaccine,” he said.

“And I got a look and I saw that they did not have it.”

Ice Cube says he’s had a “hard time” with his wife, and with the fact that he “can’t get a job.”

“As a white dude who had to have a lot of white privilege because you don’t have your life taken away from you by COVID, my situation sucked,” he continued.

It also left the duo with a $9-million dollar loss.

“I was like, ‘OK, I’m going to do this, I’m doing this for my son. I’m gonna do it for our community,’” Ice Cube told BET.

In an interview with, Ice Cube said people were “out of line” for giving the vaccine to his son during the pandemic, and said, “A lot of white folks would just be like, ‘I’m not

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