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Lord’s Tavern: A New York tavern

Lord’s Tavern: A New York tavern

How the Dame Owners Decorated Their New Restaurant, Lord’s Tavern

“For us, Lord’s Tavern represents the start of something that we’ve been dreaming of for years,” says Lord’s owner Bill Lutcher. We’re sitting in one of the new bar areas, the second floor of the building Lutcher acquired in an effort to turn his West Village restaurant into an upscale tavern of sorts. It’s a pretty, bustling scene, with a long bar leading into three separate dining areas and an open kitchen. The dining area is called the West Village Lounge, where the pub-style furniture, worn wood tables and dark wood paneling give it a country feel. The large lounge is connected to another dining room called the Upper Village Lounge.

The bar area, however, is an entirely different story. It’s a big, open room meant to emulate the kind of cozy taverns where a local lout can go to drink and listen to someone play the harp or a fiddle or a zither. It’s a place for serious drinking and partying.

The dining areas take a bit of a different approach. They are meant to be cozy, with vintage, white cabinetry and dark wood furniture. They have a more upscale feel, with more plush pillows on the sofas and chairs. They’re also very, very bright. It’s as if the team was going for a vibe somewhere between a swanky Irish pub and a trendy cocktail bar.

“It’s a very bright light. It gives it a fun, upbeat vibe,” Lutcher says with a laugh.

One of the things that makes Lord’s so special, according to Lutcher, is its family-friendly atmosphere. He says that there are no age requirements to drink there, and that people of all ages are welcome there. He says the bar attracts people of all sorts, from old New Yorkers to young and hip New York fashionistas.

“There are people here that have a lot of

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