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Michelle Williams Missed the Oscars and Golden Globes

Michelle Williams Missed the Oscars and Golden Globes

Steven Spielberg catches COVID and misses Gotham Awards tribute to Michelle Williams by 5 minutes

With the Oscars and Golden Globes already under way, many actors and actresses are staying home and not attending, including Golden Globe winner Michelle Williams, who won an Oscar last year for her role in “Hidden Figures.” Williams wasn’t at Vanity Fair on Monday because she has had to self-quarantine due to the coronavirus. But she did take to Twitter to say “I’m sorry I missed the awards,” adding that “it’s a shame.”

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the organization behind this year’s Oscars, has been criticized over missing nominations in the past, including for its lack of diversity. A recent report indicated that there are only 12 women among its 75 nominated. This year, the organization is making an effort to include a greater number of women and people of color, such as adding two new directors of photography.

The news of Williams’ absence might have come as a shock to many viewers, because Williams is one of Hollywood’s most beloved breakout stars, who’s racked up a string of Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress nominations. She also won an Oscar for her role in “Hidden Figures” in February.

In the weeks leading up to the awards, Williams told reporters that her illness had been serious, and that she was concerned about her jobmates and friends who were still working. They also told Fox News that she was fine with her absence.

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Williams’ absence from the ceremony was certainly a blow to Hollywood. The Golden Globes is the biggest night of the year for both actors and actresses, and the winner receives a cash prize. In February, Williams went on a nationwide tour to talk about her role in “Hidden Figures,” but this year, she had to miss the awards in lieu of self

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