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Socialist Workers Party member Brandon Mook is not guilty of plotting to bomb Pelosi

Socialist Workers Party member Brandon Mook is not guilty of plotting to bomb Pelosi

Pelosi attack suspect pleads not guilty to federal charges

A member of the Socialist Workers Party of America (SWP) that was arrested in June after being accused of helping to plan an attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says he is not guilty.

“I did not carry out the alleged terrorist plot to bomb Pelosi nor did I ever make plans to do so. That is all false,” said Brandon Mook, a spokesman for the Socialist Workers Party, in a statement sent to The Denver Post. “We, as a broad movement, will continue to fight for working families and a socialist society that will finally put the needs of the workers before the needs of Wall Street.”

The SWP was planning to disrupt a speech by Democratic Party leader Nancy Pelosi to the AFL-CIO in Washington, D.C. on June 28. Mook was arrested the day after Pelosi was scheduled to speak. The charges against Mook are pending. Mook has been out of jail since June 4.

Mook’s appearance in federal court last week was brief. U.S. Magistrate Court Judge Patricia Sarath presided over the hearing. Mook was represented by attorney John M. Corrigan, a former U.S. attorney. Judge Sarath granted Mook’s request to be released on a $200,000 unsecured bond after Mook showed up for his court hearing at the Denver County Detention Center without incident.

Judge Sarath scheduled a hearing on charges later this month. Mook would be back in custody when that hearing is held.

“I am grateful that for the first time in my life, I was able to receive help from the judge and attorney in my defense and I will continue to fight for my freedom and honor,” said Mook.

Mook’s appearance in the courtroom was a rare example of the courtroom playing an integral role in the fight for the SWP’s freedom.

“Judge Sarath’s bail hearing was the single most important day in the SWP’s

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