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Taylor Swift’s Weight Is a Fatphobic Manifesto

Taylor Swift’s Weight Is a Fatphobic Manifesto

Accused of fatphobia, Taylor Swift debuts an edited ‘Anti-Hero’ video on Apple Music

Taylor Swift, the pop music powerhouse who has been in the national spotlight for years, may be one of the most controversial celebrities on the planet.

She’s a proud feminist who frequently uses her platform to speak out on her disgust with misogyny and violence. Yet she’s also a fierce defender of her body, often comparing herself to an angry black man in her music videos.

And, like an increasing number of mainstream artists, Swift’s career has been plagued by her battles with weight — especially her battle with eating disorders.

In a now-viral video, Taylor Swift, an artist who has been outspoken about her battles with depression, is seen attempting to lose weight and she’s been criticized for doing so by critics claiming she’s being “fatphobic.”

Swift, 25 — who has a history of anorexia — has posted on social media to admit she is struggling with that disease and she has said that she’s doing what she can to help herself.

As she wrote in an Instagram post:

I have a long, difficult battle with anorexia. You will never hear me say I’m “thriving,” but I have a new lease on life.

Swift is facing criticism for her weight after she recently released an anti-feminist video. The controversial video was created with the intention to address sexism, fatphobia and sexual assault on social media.

But the video received harsh reviews from critics who said the video was disrespectful to artists like Lil’ Kim and Kim Kardashian. The hashtag “#NoMoreTaylorSwift” has also been trending on Twitter.

In the video, Swift is seen on “thin privilege” as she shares a series of stories about her own struggles with weight and depression.

She has also said that she feels fat and she’s never seen a “slimming” commercial.

However, a close look into the video reveals that despite the criticism, she is still a little bit of anorexic and she has lost weight before. In fact, despite many people mocking her for her looks,

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