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The Cincinnati Enquirer’s Front Page Was a Big Help in Our Search for the Truth

The Cincinnati Enquirer’s Front Page Was a Big Help in Our Search for the Truth

Doughnuts, pizza and cheap rides: Election Day deals are here, and they all suck

The unofficial kickoff to Election Day (the day on which American citizens can officially cast their ballot on behalf of President Barack Obama or President George W. Bush or whoever) is the first day when everything is up in the air.

What’s available from fast-food chains, restaurants or convenience stores? Which races are in the red and which are in the black? Which incumbents and which challengers have the most to lose? Which are the most vulnerable (i.e. the ones who will be most likely to see their vote actually count)?

This morning’s front page of the Cincinnati Enquirer’s website was not just a big help in our effort to find all the things we could’ve picked up from the election: it was also the first clue about which areas of the city were in the red and which were up for grabs.

A look at the Election Day specials posted on the Enquirer’s website tells us the same sort of thing we find out from searching in our bookmarks.

It is also not a total wash.

In many cases, the ads for Election Day have offered a deal on a new ride or pizza for a dollar in exchange for voting for the candidate who is likely to win. We tried it. It sucked.

What we did want was a good deal on fresh ingredients at the dinner table, and while most of America would be fine with a deal on a new car or a pizza, the truth is that there is not a good deal on anything here in Cincinnati. Our local pizza joints do not have a lot of high-quality options, and many of our area’s fast-food chains are better off keeping their prices low.

And the truth in this case is that we all pay a price each day for the government to regulate health care. In most other cases, we are in the clear.

But not in these cases, where our government can’t provide a good, cheap or low-cost way to do business, and where it is willing to provide a new, faster way to get there

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