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The Democrats Have to Win This Week to Avoid a Rout in the Midterms

The Democrats Have to Win This Week to Avoid a Rout in the Midterms

To beat back a GOP victory my fellow Dems must focus on economy in last days before midterms – Michael Moore

““The economy is a matter of life and death to the American people. That the next Republican Congress will attempt to remove it from the life and death business is a joke. They are more like ISIS than a serious political party.”

“For too long, Democrats have talked about things without having to carry them out. When you talk about economic issues, I want you to look me in the eye and say the issues I have on my agenda are those that matter to millions of Americans.”

“Democrats have spent the past four years trying to convince voters that Republicans were our party’s only hope. Well, we lost. And that’s a pretty big deal.”

A Democratic victory could be the beginning of the end of the GOP.

The Democrats have to win this week to avoid a rout in the midterms. With just two weeks left in 2018, a loss in the last two weeks would be an albatross around their necks, as Republicans would not have a whole lot of time to recover and make a comeback.

Democrats have to keep running down the clock. They have to beat back the Republican offensive and build a wall to protect their political future. Because without a Republican supermajority in the House, the Democrats have no ability to take back the Senate.

“The first week of November 2018, Democrats won’t have the same luxury to govern the country. They’ll have to govern the country with a Republican president and Republican control of both the House and Senate.”

“Democrats must focus on the economy in the last days leading up to the midterm, when voters are deciding whether to back Republicans or Democrats.”

Democrats like to think that the best things to make a midterm election a win are to run on the economy, and the Senate campaign will be a referendum on the president’s performance.

But history shows that the economy is a much more powerful motivator for voters than a president. The economy is the number one issue in the minds of most

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