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The hottest summer in the past 80 years is over

The hottest summer in the past 80 years is over

Heat wave reaches ‘the tail end’ in Southern California; new records from San Diego

In the first six months of 2017, temperatures in San Diego reached record highs for several cities in the region.

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SAN DIEGO – From late spring to early fall, the mercury continued to climb to its highest maximum temperatures ever recorded in Southern California.

That’s right: It was the tail end of the hottest summer in the past 80 years.

Last year’s record-breaking high temperatures are expected to linger into 2018, according to NASA, NOAA and the National Centers for Environmental Information.

But some places in Southern California are not faring well.

The National Weather Service in San Diego reports a few more record-breaker high temperatures in the forecast this year. That temperature is forecast for July 8 through July 22 – more than a month from now.

The temperature for that date was predicted to be at least 81 degrees. But local temperatures are still much lower than the 98 to 101 degrees recorded in San Diego that same date in 2016, according to the weather service.

But San Diego has more than the tail end in mind. The agency issued a record-breaking alert for July 24 through July 31.

The forecast temperatures are still higher than those for the entire year.

The National Weather Service says they are expected to reach 81 degrees in some areas and 90 degrees in others.

The temperature for that date: 81 degrees.

In addition, the San Diego State University computer modeling lab and the American Meteorological Society released a new forecast for July 15 through July 22.

The forecast for that date is still 90 degrees.

Finally, San Diego city officials will open a new record book at 8:30 a.m. July 19, to officially mark the end of the hottest summer in the past 80 years.

The forecast temperature for July 19 is 81 degrees.

It was 98 degrees in San Diego on the same day a year ago.

San Diego is more than an hour ahead of San Francisco, which is also experiencing record warm temperatures during the summer.

The temperature forecast that day: 94 degrees.

The record high temperature for San Diego is 101 degrees, recorded on July 29, 1976.

The new high

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