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The New York International Auto Show

The New York International Auto Show

They came up with plans to prevent suicide and tackle climate change. Then on Day 4 of the reality TV challenge came a final twist. When they walked to the final red light to end the show, the car they crashed into with the other cars in a fiery crash had never been designed. The team tried to fix the car while filming the challenge.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the New York International Auto Show to see their car in action and test it. They’ve now named their cars “Sinkhorn,” after the popular TV show “Family Guy”

What the team did was, after crashing the car, had to fix it in the shortest amount of time, and in the presence of the media, while also filming their reality show for the next four days.

This is probably the first car they’ll ever be shown on TV. They have already been interviewed by CBS and the Times of New York about putting aside their work, living life, and coming up with solutions to difficult social and environmental problems.

The team was a team of car experts, but they also had one additional member. It goes without saying, that this person was not an engineer by profession, but it is to be said, that he had the ability to fix any car in a split second if he needed to. That was the reason why we were allowed to take the car out for a spin, and to show people what we thought the final design should be like.

The first day ended with a bang as you can see in the picture of the crash. What is remarkable in that scene is that it wasn’t a traditional crash, but that the car was flying back when it hit the wall and rolled in reverse. It was impressive how the team managed to recover the car with only minor damage. I was lucky enough to witness this crash with them.

The team has already released a sketch of what they believe it should have looked like. It�

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