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The U.S. Women’s World Cup is About Winning

The U.S. Women's World Cup is About Winning

U.S. heads to World Cup with players struggling for game time

By Greg Wood • @GregwoodACBL

A year after the U.S. women were blown out in the World Cup final by Japan, the U.S. men are still seeking their first victory on home soil.

The Women’s World Cup was their first official attempt at a home Olympics in soccer for more than a century. The men had been trying to win their first World Cup title since 1950.

And with the U.S. team missing some key players who were trying to get big minutes in the World Cup final against Japan, there was a sense of urgency for the two squads that made it to the final.

Yet, there’s good news for the U.S. — the players who will be playing in the World Cup are starting to win more and more minutes.

Soccer is a game of constant adjustment. It is also a game of individual brilliance in an almost mystical way. That’s not just “good” soccer anymore, but the best soccer imaginable.

The challenge for the U.S. team in the World Cup will be about the same now as it was last fall: Winning. Even when the goal is to “win” in a World Cup final, the U.S. team will be trying to bring home not just the trophy but the hearts and minds of the fans who want to see the best teams on the field.

The U.S. team was one of the best teams in women’s soccer over the year, but one of the worst in men’s soccer. So now the World Cup is about finding ways to get results in both countries.

“It’s going to be a great event,” said USA women’s coach Jill Ellis. “I’m just thrilled at the opportunity to represent the United States and do well.

“This is the biggest stage in our sport and we have to do well to make people feel like this is a great event. We want this to be a great week, a great month and a great year

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