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The USDA is trying to protect consumers from misleading labeling and marketing practices

The USDA is trying to protect consumers from misleading labeling and marketing practices

Op-Ed: The Supreme Court shouldn’t meddle with California’s standards on meat and eggs. It’s a matter for businesses to decide, not consumers.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of the millions of consumers in California who’ve been subjected to false or misleading labeling and false or deceptive marketing practices over their eggs on eggs as “organic” (organic = no antibiotics, hormones, genetic modification, etc.), or as “free range” or “heirloom” or “diet” or “nonsimian”.

These types of claims go against the law and are illegal under California law. They even get a label on the product to warn consumers not to fall for the claims. The state is now cracking down on such deceptive marketing practices but it is up to the businesses, not consumers, to decide how to use their labels.

So what’s a little unfair labeling or misleading marketing in the name of organic or heirloom eggs and how can it cause problems for consumers?

According to a recent article in the New York Times, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) sent a clear, straightforward, and direct message to the industry.

The USDA is not trying to “dismantle” the organic or non-GMO movements, but rather it is trying to protect consumers from being misled and deceived.

The USDA has taken a “wait and see” stance in the wake of the growing controversy over labeling and marketing practices in the organic and non-GMO markets. It’s a stance, but one that consumers have every right to take.

What’s the difference being a farmer who is organic or a farmer who is not organic, a heirloom poultry farmer or not, and a farmer who raises a non-heirloom poultry species?

The big difference is in the label. In the case of a non-heirloom farm raising poultry, the USDA has a label for all three categories. But for an organic farm, that label is not as clear.

What is the label for a Non

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