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What do we do with the president?

What do we do with the president?

Letters to the Editor: Not indicting Trump would put democracy at risk. So would indicting him today. The rule of law must be restored, and Trump cannot be allowed to stay in office.

Letters to the Editor

A letter to the editor of the Decatur Daily (Dec. 20) said “the government should spend its tax dollars on fixing the economy rather than on sending the president” to Washington for a third term. That is a fine point. The question is, what do we do with the president?

If the president is not indicted by federal prosecutors, or convicted by a jury of his peers, then he will not be removed from office on grounds of corruption. If a new president cannot follow the law because of a vacancy in the Supreme Court, then he is in even greater danger.

We would do well to remember that no law is more sacred than the rule of law and that our Constitution is one of the greatest achievements of human history. In a democracy the people serve as guardians of the Constitution. They are empowered and expected to do so. When we forget that, we have no protection from the excesses of an unjust president, and we have no recourse to protect our democracy.

For many years we have watched as successive federal and state governments have been more concerned with political and personal power than they were with the Constitution. When those responsible for setting the rules of our country are in power and in opposition to the Constitution, we have a problem. The president is in office, and even more so, he should have been in office when those in office who have usurped his powers made a mockery of our Constitution and betrayed the checks and balances and separation of powers upon which our country was founded. That is why I am outraged by what is taking place now.

In the end, this cannot be about politics. It is about respect for our Constitution, and the rule of law.

John Stuckey, Decatur

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