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Why Should Section 8 Housing Discrimination Be Legalized?

Why Should Section 8 Housing Discrimination Be Legalized?

California outlawed Section 8 housing discrimination. Why it still persists is a big question.

Here are a couple of my favorite facts about Section 8 housing discrimination:

There is a lot of discrimination against Section 8 Section 8 (often misnamed Section 202) housing. Most people who are denied Section 8 housing are white.

Almost everyone who is denied Section 8 (Section 202) housing is white.

The problem is not with the program. The problem is with discrimination by realtors.

In 2012, California passed an anti-discrimination bill based on the idea that you don’t discriminate against tenants because of race. But it’s just as discriminatory.

It’s illegal to exclude a tenant because she is white. But it’s not illegal to exclude her because she is black, Mexican, Jewish, Asian, gay, lesbian, etc.

If you’re white you can go to a rental property and buy a house. If you’re black or Hispanic or Jewish you can’t. If you’re Asian you can’t. If you’re gay or lesbian you can’t. And if you’re not white, the landlord is allowed to discriminate.

It’s an incredible privilege to be white. And a huge problem to exclude others because of their race.

A tenant may not be white but a black tenant can be white. A Hispanic tenant can be Hispanic. A Jewish tenant can be Jewish. A gay or lesbian tenant can be gay or lesbian. A tenant who is a member of a protected class can be a member of a protected class.

This makes no sense. Why should discrimination against whites be legalized and discrimination against blacks and other groups not?

The problem is not that landlords discriminate against white tenants, the problem is that the real estate lobby wants to legalize housing discrimination against whites.

“White” tenants have to be treated differently to make their lives better.

What about illegal aliens?

What about Muslims?

What about tenants of all kinds, especially when they are white?

What if you are a white lesbian, and you rent to a gay or lesbian? What if you are Muslim, Jewish, or Asian and rent to a non-white? What if you are a gay or lesbian

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